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Master Thief

The international criminal police commission have for the past decade been one step behind an unknown criminal, accused of stealing multiple invaluable objects.  
As the investigation intensifies, the suspect grows cautious.  
Capture the Master Thief before he vanishes for good. The clock is ticking…  

  • 60-90 min
  • 15-500 Recommended participants
  • Anywhere
  • 295 SEK per person

The Missing Landlord

A cold case that has been haunting detectives is about to become barred. One missing person and a prime suspect that has perished under mysterious circumstances.  
In one last desperate attempt, the best private investigators have been summoned to examine the last possible missing piece – the first aid kit of officer Bertil Andersson.  

  • 60-90 min
  • 15-150 Recommended participants
  • Anywhere
  • 295 SEK per person

How does it work?  

One or more gamemasters will come to your office or conference to construct an Escape Game. In order for you to avoid having to book multiple rooms you will normally take a brief pause to upon returning find the room transformed.   
You will then receive an introduction and get divided into teams of 3-5 members each whom have 60 minutes to compete of becoming the first to solve the case.   
The teams have identical boxes placed on their tables and even more “evidence” placed around the room.  

A prize for the champions is included – a free visit to our expansive world of escape adventures in Malmö. Secure even stronger bonds between your co-workers as they bring their professional relationship of the work schedule.   

Make the call, sit back and relax, we have got it covered!  

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