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Custom Made


Regardless of whether you are planning a casual gathering, if you want something spectacular for your trade fair or if you simply want to spice up your kick-off, our customized games will suit your needs.  
Together we will plan your event to find the best option for you and maximize the rememberability 

What are our custom games?

If you cannot spare an entire hour for an escape game we are happy to consult you to find a common theme for your event. 
Unsolved Cases customized games consists of several light escape games of 5-15 minutes of game time each, that can work as a competition or a casual addition to fill any excess time. 
Turn the food queue into the highlight of the evening or take a quiz walk unlike anything you have experienced before. The possibilities are endless!

What are our custom games? 

These consists of a variety of shorter escape games, ca 5-15 minutes of game time each. Our game masters will build an atmosphere around a table with all components that makes for a good escape game, only smaller and more versatile!
Let us know your needs and our customized games will accommodate wherever our standard games fall short. Examples may be company dinners, trade fairs or quiz walk.
The possibilities are endless! 

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